Monday, 11 October 2010

Alex Hellum with Zeel Spindles for Pollocks Toy Shop Hatfield

The red dresser was by Tom Salkeld,

the better photos are by Sue Barr.


Dave the Chimp Street Art colouring book pages

Dave the chimp put it all together, Jake did the cover.

ZEEL comics for beginners course produced this.

Marlborough House Brighton Project.

A publication for White Nights arts event
at Marlborough House Brighton.


Community arts project carried out for Shoreditch Star children's newspaper.

The main focus of our project

was to research the history of the

Olympic Park site and learn about

how the place we live in has a

community history and ecology

and that we are all part of a

continuing process.

The pupils at Morningside used

Graphic Arts to engage with

creating a board game about

these aspects of the Olympic Park

site. The fact that it was a board

game would naturally lead to a fun

activity at the end of the project

when pupils could play the board

game TIMESPAN 2010! The aim of

the game itself is to progress up

through the ages until the winner

reaches 2012.

This project encouraged pupils to

engage with that history so that

they feel part of that continuity.

All sorts of people and animals

have taken part and will continue

to take part in the history and

ecology of the Lea Valley and

specifically the Olympic Park site.

We had a fascinating visit to

the View Tube where we saw

the Olympic Park site. We met

Stephanie Applegate from the

Olympic Delivery Authority and

learned all about the flora and

fauna of the area, which includes

some quite remarkable creatures

that give the area its distinct


The types of illustration we used

had specific names and special

uses. Initial drawings we did of

the Olympic site, the engineers,

diggers, the buildings in progress,

is classed as Reportage illustration.

We were using our drawing skills

to gather information that was

then taken back to the classroom

and incorporated into our

gameboard. We also investigated

Cartooning, Character design,

Historical illustration, Natural

History and Botanical illustration,

useful modes of expression and

representation of the world around


Did those children throw

themselves into playing the game!

Wow. It was so exciting …

A giant Dice was used vigorously,

hurtling along the floor to forward

the game. The suspense was

palpable.It was as much the making of

the game as playing it that was

empowering to the class, there

was a great deal of learning hard

facts about history in addition to

gaining a basic grounding in the

creative process of Graphic Arts.

There are some brilliant individual

artists in the group and it was

great to see everyone engaging

with the task at hand. I can

honestly say that every single pupil

contributed something of key value

to the outcome of the project. Well

done Year 6!

Zeel and Orson at Barbican Gallery with Le Gun and pals.

Nervous Stephen was DJ-ing and he invited us along to this event,
Robert of Le Gun was kind enough to let us play.
Orson was initially apprehensive of drawing with all the big people,
but he soon got into his stride.

Okido ZEEL and Orson Biodiversity article preview.

We were chuffed to be asked to contribute
to the new biodiversity issue of Okido.
This is a sneak preview of the report
we did on the range of life in our garden.


Wedding card for Mr & Mrs Williams.


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