Saturday, 12 September 2020

Dogs Of Peckham Rye


Recently i, ZEEL made a zine making art resource sheet illustrating the theme of the dogs and walkers who frequent the handsome environs of Peckham Rye. This was for the renowned  South London Gallery, who were working with the excellent, innovative and very nice Big Family Press. Here is the sheet-

You can download that sheet here, where there are also some fun and easy to follow ideas for fun zine making activities to do with children, on the SLG Big Family Press page

But! I, ZEEL, made so many drawings for the project as I was enjoying drawing heaps of kooky dogs, that there is enough for a second sheet! Here it is:- 

This extra page is also available for fun zine making, colouring etc ! Download it here. Another thing that you might enjoy on this theme, is a metric TONNE of even more drawings i did for this, (i couldn't STOP myself!) that i have coloured in and am going to put up on my instagram - here

Sunday, 15 March 2020

Covid 19 Zine

I decided to do a zine workshop as part of the 2020 UCU Strike, it was due to be a zine full of thoughts about the "4 Fights" the union is engaged in to gain more fairness for college workers in terms of Equality, Job Insecurity, Rising Workloads & Pay Devaluation. 
The strike was effective in many ways! 

However, on the last day, when my zine workshop took place. There were other forces at play. This is what we made .
Download here- 

Pages here- 


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