Friday, 20 July 2018

Thermal Printer test image

All the cool kids are using Thermal Printers- A pity that they don't work with MACs! Unless you pay 90£ for a (poxy) printer driver. Which is an actual outrage! :-)

You get a nice coarse squirly dot pattern. 

What is the secret of the GTP? Who does it serve?

What is da GTP?

Fatal Flower Garden Background

ZEEL - Fatal Flower Garden Background image - see the rest in my comic in our Golden Thread Project UK-USA book, available @->

Friday, 30 June 2017

Airm 2016 - ZEEL Prints.

As featured in Ivychurch during Art in Romney Marsh, 2016.
Dr Syn and The Cider Apple King.

The Marsh She Knows - Colouring Book.

Pages of the colouring book I produced for Art in Romney Marsh, september 2016. 

Front pages 


Monday, 5 September 2016

AiRM16 More.

Early Abstract Version of my map.

ZEEL ART IN ROMNEY MARSH Invite illustrations and font 2016

Every year there is an art festival in churches set in the wilds of Romney Marsh.

Thanks To Susan Churchill i got to work with her and graphics team Work-form on promo /illustration work, the map and invite for Art In Romney Marsh '16. 

DO come along, its a wonderful thing to do of an autumn weekend!

Official AIRM 2016 Webpage- 

Dates Below-

Press Ad - configuration with dates.

The Invite- 

Title taken from 'Dr Syn' by Russell Thorndike, a smuggler tale of Romney Marsh.

Invite opens up to show the map and abstract portraits of the churches involved.

Selected Artists, Credits and Intro.

The Map and churches .