Monday, 11 March 2013

Zeel Jiggling Atoms Exhibit


    Here is the artwork i made for 'Jiggling Atoms', a show
    which aimed to connect Artists with Physicists.

    I made a sculpture and an information poster/comic about the Frulian heretic Menocchio who had some personal ideas about cosmology that got him into a great deal of trouble. I contrasted his ideas with contemporary thinking about the development of the universe.

    Two Martyrs and an Internee, an Exaltation for Menocchio.

                                                   “To Seek Exalted Things,” Menocchio and Cosmology.




Those that died deserved it. Drawings of Dr Syn.

The Marsh.

Pirate Clegg.

Russell Thorndike, the author of 'Dr Syn'.

Press Gang.

Jerry Jerk.

Dead mans teeth.


Location drawings of Dungeness and Rye.

Dungeness power station

Camber Sands looking towards Rye Harbour

Dungeness fishing hut.

Life drawing at 'The School', Rye. 

Blobbel face.