Monday, 27 July 2015

PigWool @ Yuri Suzuki's record shop, Tate Modern Turbine Festival.

Yuri Suzuki led an IMAGINARY RECORDSHOP workshop/happening/activity as part of the Tate Modern Turbine FestivalZEEL and Orson were there fleshing out the history and discography of their made-up band PIGWOOL, (of Pigwool, more to come). It was a great day, and Stephen Fowler (AKA Nervous Stephen), Melissa Keen, Aidan Saunders (The Print Wagon), Rebecca Head and Nik Nightingale were there too.

ZEEL AND ORSON - Inventing PIGWOOL for Yuri Suzuki IMAGINARY RECORDSHOP workshop/happening/activity, part of the Tate Modern Turbine Festival.

ZEEL and Orson Preparing for Yuri Suzuki IMAGINARY RECORDSHOP @ Tate Modern Turbine Festival.
Making T-shirts and Jacket Patches to back-up the existence of our made-up band, PIGWOOL.

Orson sketch.
Rough simulation.

Zeel Print.

Zeel Print.

Jacket Patch

Orson design translated to print and printed.