Sunday, 26 September 2010

One hour illustrations.

My colleague at Camberwell Jen Franklin emailed me with this request =

"- In an ideal world I would need these drawings:

- 1. head and shoulders of cat looking happy
- 2. cat looking frustrated and angry
- 3. cat having tantrum and throwing essay brief in air
- 4. cat sitting on iconic chair (e.g.Eames), with iconic film image on tv
screen in same room (e.g Psycho/Breakfast at Tiffanies), and iconic shoes on
floor maybe and picture on wall..
- 5. cat out with a copy of Time Out, and Starbucks coffee, clearly visiting
- 6. cat sits at desk with piles of research in front of him

Ps. not sure why it's a cat and this can be optional".

I did it.

I was paid in beer and stationary.

It's always important to be paid somehow.

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